Transforming Education: The Bible College of SA Server Refresh

Empowering Education: The Bible College of SA's IT Transformation Journey

The Bible College of SA (BCSA) is committed to providing a dynamic learning environment for its students. To support its educational mission, BCSA partnered with Calvert, a premier IT solutions provider, to embark on a server refresh project aimed at enhancing system reliability, scalability, and data backup capabilities.

Project Overview

The project entailed the installation of a new physical server as a virtualisation host, along with four virtual guest machines. These included two domain controllers for managing Active Directory, DNS, and NPS services, a file and print server, and a dedicated database server. Additionally, the existing Datto Backup and Continuity Appliance was upgraded to ensure ample capacity for data backup and continuity needs.


The project was meticulously planned to minimize disruption to BCSA’s operations. Initial configuration commenced from the Calvert office, facilitating seamless integration upon deployment. The Calvert team collaborated closely with BCSA to reduce downtime and ensure a smooth transition to the new infrastructure.


The server refresh project has empowered BCSA with a robust, scalable, and resilient IT environment. The upgraded server infrastructure enhances system performance, reliability, and security, enabling BCSA to focus on providing a dynamic learning experience for its students. The Datto Backup and Continuity Appliance ensures data protection and business continuity, safeguarding critical assets against unforeseen disruptions.


The successful collaboration between BCSA and Calvert underscores the transformative impact of strategic IT investments in the education sector. By embracing modern technology solutions, BCSA is better equipped to fulfill its mission of nurturing and empowering students. This project serves as a testament to the importance of leveraging innovative IT solutions to enhance educational outcomes and prepare students for success in a digital world.

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Our recent server upgrade was very smooth and uncomplicated. Calvert’s careful planning and preparation made way for a seamless changeover. The Calvert technicians are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable, and this was very evident in the professional way they approached the task. Their ongoing monitoring and management ensured that there were no unforeseen issues. There was practically no disruption to our operations and most staff did not even realise that the changeover had occurred.

The new server means that all our systems are running more smoothly, there is greater file storage and system capacity, and greater security.

Glenn Clarke
Business Manager