Cloud Services

A smarter way to work

Unlock the full potential of cloud services for your business. From enhanced file collaboration to seamless communication, cloud services play a vital role in boosting efficiency.

However, without expert advice and effective management, your cloud services may fall short, putting your valuable data at risk.

At Calvert Technologies, we offer comprehensive end-to-end cloud solutions. We begin by identifying the solution that best aligns with your operations. From there, we take care of the management, maintenance, and equipment, ensuring smooth and secure operations while providing you with peace of mind.

Key features of our cloud services include:

Scalability: Your capabilities and applications can grow alongside your business, adapting to your evolving need’s.

Customisation: We tailor the cloud solution to meet the unique requirements of your business, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Mobility: Collaborate seamlessly from any Internet-enabled device, empowering your team to work anytime, anywhere.

Cost-effectiveness: By leveraging efficient technology, our cloud services contribute to improving your bottom line, delivering cost-effective solutions.

Experience the benefits of scalable, customised, mobile, and cost-effective cloud services with Calvert Technologies. Elevate your business operations and drive growth with our expertise in harnessing the power of the cloud.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services include:

Microsoft Azure

for real-time collaboration across your company’s intranet.

Hosted infrastructure

virtual computer infrastructure customised to your business needs.

Cloud Telephony

powerful phone systems using any internet-connected device.

Data Protection

backup and safeguard your data.

At Calvert Technologies, our cloud services prioritise data protection

When it comes to cloud services, data protection is a top priority. We ensure that your data is securely stored and protected through robust encryption protocols and access controls. Our cloud includes comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery strategies, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your valuable data is safe and can be restored quickly in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Ransomware attacks can be devastating, but with our cloud services, you can effectively recover from such incidents. We implement advanced security measures to detect and prevent ransomware threats. In the event of an attack, our cloud-based backup and recovery solutions enable rapid restoration of your systems and data, minimizing the impact on your business operations and ensuring a swift recovery.

Cloud services play a vital role in building business resilience. With our cloud solutions, your critical applications and data are securely hosted in redundant and highly available environments. This ensures continuous access to your resources, even during unforeseen disruptions. Our expert team works closely with you to design and implement resilient cloud architectures that support your business continuity goals.

We understand the importance of having multiple layers of data protection. Our cloud provides a combination of local and cloud-based data protection. Local data protection ensures quick access to your data within your premises, while cloud data protection offers secure off-site storage and redundancy. This dual approach ensures that your data is safeguarded, easily accessible, and resilient against various threats.

As our IT provider for 10 years, we felt extremely confident entrusting our infrastructure cloud upgrade to Calvert Technologies. They are always so friendly, helpful and efficient, with more than enough expertise to handle our requirements. We were surprised and delighted at the smoothness of the transition, and the handover itself only took a few hours. It was so easy I found myself wishing we had undertaken this project much earlier.

Kelly Leader
Chief Financial Officer

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