Corporate Social Responsibility at Calvert

Here at Calvert Technologies, we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to heart as we are more than self-aware of social consciousness. Led by our founder, Dean Calvert, we believe that our purpose extends beyond the realm of profits. Calvert, as the face of our business, is deeply committed to fostering a positive impact on the society around us.

Local Engagement:

Dean, the social butterfly of the business, actively engages with our local community. Whether it’s participating in local events, supporting community initiatives, or simply being a friendly presence, he influences those around him to demonstrate our commitment & contribution to creating a more inclusive and sustainable society.

International Reach:

Our commitment doesn’t stop at local borders. Dean’s passion for social impact extends globally. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we aim to contribute to building a more comprehensive and sustainable cyber space for those in both local and global societies.

We believe that by working together with our community, clients, and partners, we can amplify the impact of our efforts. Dean is not just a leader; he’s a collaborator in making a difference to everyone around him.

Cancer Council of SA

Dean Calvert and Calvert Technologies have been long-time supporters of the Cancer Council of South Australia. With close family members that have been lost to cancer, it’s a cause that Dean feels quite strongly about.

In fact, you’ll often see Dean pedalling the roads of Adelaide with his ‘Wednesday for a Reason’ rides each week, following on from the major ‘Ride for a Reason’ event that takes place annually in January, as part of the Tour Down Under.

Pictured: John & Dean Calvert attending the Cancer Council of SA donor thank you lunch in 2021.
Pictured: Dean Calvert on a tour of the Flinders University research lab with Research Associate Geri Laven-Law

Supporting Cancer Research

Following Dean’s passion into raising funds for cancer research, we recently donated to medical researcher Associate Professor Erin Symonds.

The donation went toward research into developing new tests for the early detection of bowel cancer at Flinders University. 

Dean was lucky enough to be invited for a behind the scenes tour of the lab to see the research in action.

Christ Victory Gospel Ministries, Kenya

Each month Calvert Technologies donates to Christ Victory Gospel Ministries based in the village of Turbo in the western part of Kenya.

Dean and his family visited this community in early 2017 and felt a strong connection with the people there.

We’ve all heard stories of the people who live on US$1-$2 per day – these are some of them. They labour each day for perhaps US$2 of pay which then buys just enough food for them to eat that day. If they don’t work, they don’t eat!

Some children (‘watoto’ in Swahili) must walk for several hours to reach school, study, then walk home again, often arriving home in the dark. They may eat a small dinner then do their homework and wash their clothes in preparation for the next day.

Dean and his family spent time in the school, and visiting the slums, meeting people who have so very little, but have so much joy to share. The locals were delighted some wazungu (Swahili word for ‘white people’) had visited their village and spent time with them.
Clean water is difficult to get and there is no water supply infrastructure like we have in western countries – rainwater is harvested where possible, or the locals may get water from a spring.

The donations we provide go toward helping to support the education for local children, providing food, and clean water infrastructure.

Dean spending some time with the local school children.
Locals sourcing water from a spring.

Regular Donations

We also provide regular philanthropic support to several other organizations, including

The Army Museum of SA
Archery SA
Living Faith Church, St Agnes

We continue to look for ways to support our local and international communities, and look forward to updating this page further as this grows over time.