Cyber security

A multi-pronged approach to protecting your business

Are you at risk of being hacked?

With over 20% of businesses falling victim to cyber crime each year, it’s no wonder that 3 in 4 companies are already factoring cyber security into their risk management activities.

And now with the Notifiable Data Breach Act, you could be liable if your customer data is leaked.

Calvert provides a three-pronged approach of technology, people and processes to keep your business safe and secure.

You don’t need to know cyber security – you just need to know your business

If you’re concerned about protecting your business but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. We’ll discuss your business needs over a free consultation, then leave it to us do the work: extracting and refining the right information, distilling it into language you understand, and then leveraging our resources to deliver a top quality solution.

The Operational Maturity Model ©

Calvert’s Operational Maturity Model© provides a staged approach to cyber security that adapts to the operations and risk profile of your business.

Operational Maturity Model

Why Calvert?

Secure solutions

Adaptive to your business

Easy to understand

Highly responsive

What clients say

Excellent Result

“Calvert Technologies has been looking after our IT requirements for more than 10 years now. They have performed several major network upgrades for our practice, most recently in 2018, and all with no operational downtime. These have excellent results considering the scale of what was accomplished. They have always been quick to respond to any support requests and they offer practical and cost effective solutions to the ever changing IT environment. Our computer system is very stable and I feel confident that the system is in good hands which gives me peace of mind and more time to concentrate on other aspects of the practice business”.

Michael Ryan
Practice Manager
Angaston Medical Centre

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Dean Calvert

Dean Calvert