Right Fit For Risk Accreditation - GTNT

Accreditation of GTNT Group in Alignment with Right Fit For Risk Standards

This accreditation marks not just a compliance milestone but a strategic enhancement of GTNT Group’s risk management framework. The identified solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed the Right Fit For Risk Standards, creating a foundation for sustained success and resilience in the face of an ever-changing business landscape.

The Solution

Identifying and matching all business needs

Our accreditation process ensures a meticulous examination of GTNT Group’s business requirements. Through in-depth consultations and assessments, we identify and precisely match every aspect of your business needs to the Right Fit For Risk Standards. This meticulous approach ensures that the accreditation is not only a compliance exercise but a strategic alignment that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Airtight communication

Effective communication is at the heart of risk management. Our accreditation solution establishes a framework for airtight communication across all levels of GTNT Group. From leadership to front-line staff, the communication channels are designed to be clear, transparent, and responsive. This ensures that risk-related information is disseminated promptly, enabling proactive decision-making and fostering a culture of risk awareness throughout the organisation. 

Technical agility

In today’s dynamic business environment, technical agility is paramount. Our solution integrates cutting-edge technologies that empower GTNT Group with the agility needed to adapt to evolving risk landscapes. From advanced analytics for real-time risk assessment to scalable IT infrastructure, our technical solutions are geared towards ensuring that your organisation remains agile, responsive, and well-prepared for any challenges that may arise.

Comprehensive handover

Smooth transitions are critical in risk management. Our accreditation process includes a comprehensive handover strategy, ensuring that the knowledge, insights, and responsibilities related to risk management are effectively transferred within GTNT Group. This proactive approach minimises disruptions, promotes continuity, and empowers your team with the tools and understanding needed to navigate the accredited standards seamlessly.

Calvert were instrumental in our achieving RFFR accreditation. Calvert provided us with incredible service and went above and beyond to ensure our systems compliance against a significant number of strict cybersecurity controls.

Calvert were approachable, adaptable, and knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the RFFR programs requirements and worked diligently with all stakeholders to ensure we achieved our business goals. 

Shannon Widdall
IT Manager