Enhancing Communication: Harrold & Kite's Phone System Upgrade

Revolutionising Communication: Harrold & Kite's Phone System Upgrade Journey

Harrold & Kite, one of South Australia’s leading commercial construction companies, recognised the critical role of effective communication in their daily operations. Partnering with Calvert, Harrold & Kite undertook a phone system upgrade to modernise and optimise their corporate communication capabilities, and reduce operating costs.

Project Overview

The project involved migrating Harrold & Kite’s existing telephone system to a privately hosted telephony system. Key components included porting the 100 dial range, consolidation of phone numbers, and support for all internal extensions. Additionally, the project facilitated the cessation of the fax line, introduced flexible handset options, and provided robust support for remote communication.


The project was executed seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption to Harrold & Kite’s operations. Calvert’s team managed the migration process efficiently, provided comprehensive training on new features, and offered ongoing support to address any concerns.


The new phone system has significantly improved communication at Harrold & Kite, offering enhanced functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With access to software-based phones and advanced features, staff can communicate more efficiently both within the organisation and with third parties. The streamlined infrastructure and consolidated services have led to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.


The successful partnership between Harrold & Kite and Calvert underscores the transformative impact of strategic IT investments in communication infrastructure. By embracing modern technology solutions, Harrold & Kite is better positioned to meet the evolving communication needs of their business and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

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After struggling somewhat with an aging and unreliable phone system, Calvert Technologies migrated us to a cloud based solution which has more features and flexibility, and allows our staff to seamlessly communicate when out of the office.

Calvert Technologies were brilliant in explaining what technologies were available in the market, what our options could look like before presenting a sensible solution for our business needs and future growth trajectory. Once agreed Calvert Technologies implemented a plan that provided minimal disruption and kept us informed throughout the process. The project management and cutover process was handled smoothly, communication excellent and even though the new system has greater capabilities we are delighted the recurring costs are far less than the old system.

Ryan from Calvert Technologies was a key part of the successful completion of this important project, and we thank him & the team at Calvert Technologies for their combined efforts.

Doug Fyfe