The Human Element:  Why Cybersecurity training is crucial for your employees

In today’s digitally driven world, cybersecurity for your business is more important than ever. With the ever-increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, protecting your company’s sensitive information and data has become a top priority.  While investing in robust security software and systems is essential, it’s equally crucial to recognise the human element in your […]

Credential stuffing – What is is and why you should care

You may have heard recently about the credential stuffing incident involving some 15,000 customers of a number of big brands, including Guzman y Gomez, Dan Murphy’s, Event Cinemas and Binge – just to name a few. The incident has seen some compromised customers losing hundreds of dollars through transactions that were processed on their accounts. […]

The impact of your email address and how it could cost your business

In today’s digital age, a professional online presence is vital for businesses to establish trust. Yet, the often neglected, but crucial component of this digital presence is the email address. While or are convenient, relying on them for your business might be costing you more than a bit of trust. Let’s unpack why. […]