Your technology relies on the people behind it

Cyber security awareness training

Your staff are your last line of defence

Did you know one in five small businesses are victims of hacking each year? A data breach can easily cripple your business – not just from the direct impact, but the from the substantial fines you could receive under the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

While top tier technology and stringent policies are all important for data security, Phishing emails – the most common type of data breach – often bypass these measures and can only be prevented by your staff.

An interactive cyber security information session will:

  • Help your staff detect Phishing emails.
  • Equip them with the knowledge of what to do in the event they receive a Phishing email.
  • Educate them on government requirements, changes in policy, and how to take preventative action.
  • Save your company time and headaches.
  • Safeguard your company against the costs and reputation loss associated with a data breach.

Productivity training

Maximise your technology’s return on investment

If you have a reputable IT provider, you are likely investing in good technology. But without the right training, there’s a high chance your staff aren’t using it to its full potential.

Calvert’s productivity training ensures you are getting the most out of your technology investment by equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to maximise its capabilities.

Office 365 training

Whether people are running into challenges or want to make the most out of your software, our Outlook 365 training will improve efficiencies across your business.

These 3-hour workshops are available in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons, and designed for 8 to 10 people per session. The first half includes demonstrations and walk-throughs, while participants use the second half to put their knowledge into practice with the guidance of your facilitator.

Customised workshops

If you have a particular challenge or area you need support with, we will design a customised workshop for your team/s. Our unique ability to translate technical concepts into plain English makes our workshops easy to follow and highly valuable.

Why Calvert?

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Our happy clients

Excellent Result

“Calvert Technologies has been looking after our IT requirements for more than 10 years now. They have performed several major network upgrades for our practice, most recently in 2018, and all with no operational downtime. These have excellent results considering the scale of what was accomplished. They have always been quick to respond to any support requests and they offer practical and cost effective solutions to the ever changing IT environment. Our computer system is very stable and I feel confident that the system is in good hands which gives me peace of mind and more time to concentrate on other aspects of the practice business”.

Michael Ryan
Practice Manager
Angaston Medical Centre

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Dean Calvert

Dean Calvert