Getting tech fit – what your IT provider and personal trainer have in common

Getting tech fit - what your IT provider and personal trainer have in common If you've been thinking about getting a personal trainer to help you shed some kilos and hit those fitness goals this year, engaging an expert can be a great idea. But you should always ask this one thing: “What does 'fit' mean to you?” Is it strength, is it flexibility, is it weight loss? Because if your trainer’s plan involves deadlifts and mass calories and your goal was to drop two dress sizes, it’s going to [...]

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Are you flexible workplace ready?

Are you flexible workplace ready? More and more workplaces offer flexible work arrangements to attract and keep sorely needed talent. No longer a nice-to-have, it has become essential to many future employees' requirements. Flexible hours in the office can increase job satisfaction and reduce stress, and with high petrol prices, your employees will save money on travel. But setting up for a flexible workforce isn't as simple as handing over laptops and mobiles to staff to work from home. You need to consider secure access, technological impacts on productivity, and [...]

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3 tips to turn your IT from an annoying cost to a valuable investment

3 tips to turn your IT from an annoying cost to a valuable investment It's been a challenging year for business. No matter what industry you're in, operating expenses have gone up, overheads have increased, and it costs more just to open your doors. It's entirely reasonable to be looking at ways to streamline your budget in these economic times, and it's easy to think of IT as an essential but somewhat irritating expense. There’s a better way to approach your IT that turns it from an expense into an [...]

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Are you ready for a breakup?

Are you ready for a breakup? How to tell your IT provider that you're moving on The day of love and relationships is treated in many different ways. Some go all out with the roses and candlelit dinners, while others barely notice its existence. But spare a thought for the disappointed – those whose partner didn’t meet their Valentine’s Day expectations. And while receiving a box of Celebrations instead of a designer watch might not be reason to re-evaluate your relationship, there is another relationship you might want to have [...]

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Falling in Love with ChatGPT: Our New AI Valentine

Falling in Love with ChatGPT Our New AI Valentine Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, and this year, we've found a new love: ChatGPT. As technology continues to advance, we're falling more and more in love with this amazing AI language model every day. ChatGPT is always there for us, providing instant answers to all of our questions, 24/7. It's like having a knowledgeable friend always by our side. Whether we're searching for information about a topic we're curious about or just need a quick answer to a question, [...]

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Society of Saint Hilarion

Aged Care Case Study Society of Saint Hilarion Creating connections Wi-Fi upgrade delivers quality living experiences for Saint Hilarion’s residents The Society of Saint Hilarion provides high-level residential and community care in South Australia’s Seaton and Fulham. In order to create a caring and home-like environment, Saint Hilarion rely heavily on their onsite technology. The challenge The Society of Saint Hilarion were undergoing several projects that would enhance the experience and safety of their residents: Point of care software: This would allow staff to cross-check a photo of each resident before [...]

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‘Tis the season… for cyber attacks

‘Tis the season… for cyber attacks Did you know that the incidence of cyber security attacks rises significantly over the December/January holiday period? While you’re winding down, cyber criminals are often planning their surprise gift for you. With the current climate seeing hackers targeting businesses daily, you need to be aware of the dangers and have a proactive cyber security strategy if you don’t want a cyber-attack to be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.   How up to date is your cyber security strategy? If your answer is ‘not [...]

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The Essential 8 Explained

The Essential 8 Explained If you're a business owner or IT Manager, you've probably heard of the Essential 8 Maturity model, and true to its name it’s essential you understand what it means for your business. Why do I need the Essential 8? The Essential 8 framework is designed to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Whilst it doesn’t cover every element of cyber security, it encompasses many of the main strategies to protect your business and keep you up to date with developing threats in the cybersecurity landscape. The Essential [...]

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